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Windshield Rock Chip Repair San Antonio

Windshield Rock Chip Repair San Antonio

Do you need windshield rock chip repair San Antonio service? Then get in touch with Glass Dawg. A rock chip occurs when a rock hits a windshield and damages it on the spot. In most cases, this damage occurs when other vehicle tires fling rocks behind them. In some cases, the damage occurs when a small rock falls from a dump truck. There are cases where the chip is a small spot that is even unnoticeable. However, the loud sound that is produced by the rock on the windshield makes some people know that the damage has occurred instantly.

Prompt Windshield Rock Chip Repair

Although a rock chip on the windshield might seem minor, it’s important to have it repaired promptly. That’s because if debris and dirt is embedded in the chip area, repair will be less effective. In fact, chip repair can be impossible when debris and dirt accumulates in the affected area.

Glass Dawg offers prompt, efficient, and cost-effective windshield rock chip repair. Remember that windshield wipers and weather are some of the things that force dirt and debris into the windshield chip. Washer fluid can also discolor the affected area. However, if you have the windshield chip repaired promptly, the result is a clean and smooth windshield. In fact, it becomes hard for other people to realize that the windshield had the damage after repair. Therefore, if your vehicle’s windshield has a rock chip, schedule its repair with us today.

How is Windshield Rock Chip Repair Done?

Windshield rock chip repair is generally a process. In most cases, it is simple and quick. Our technicians have repaired rock chips in the windshields of different vehicles.

Our windshield rock chip repair process is as follows:

  • Our technicians inspect the windshield rock chip damage carefully to determine whether it can be repaired and the best way to repair it. This assessment entails investigation of the type and size of the chip. They also check whether the area has embedded debris.
  • The chip area will be cleaned to ensure that no debris or moisture is sealed in during repair. That’s because if significant debris is sealed in during repair, the result will be a cloudy spot on the windscreen. This can lead to a problem especially if the location of the chip is within the sight line of the driver.
  • Cleaning will be followed by sealing of the chip with special resin and ultraviolet light is used to harden it. Once resin has dried, it blends in with the auto glass and excess resin is removed to create a smooth surface.

The process of repairing a windshield rock chip takes around 30 minutes. Our technicians leave your vehicle with a windshield that performs the way it did when you bought your vehicle.

If your vehicle’s windshield has a rock chip, get in touch with us to schedule its repair. Our technicians can even come to your location and fix the damage. Call us now to schedule your windshield rock chip repair San Antonio appointment!