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Windshield Replacement Quote San Antonio

Windshield Replacement Quote San Antonio

To get a free windshield replacement quote San Antonio estimate, call Glass Dawg immediately. Many people take the windshield of their vehicles for granted. They realize their importance when they crack or break beyond repair.

Basically, the windshield of your vehicle is a crucial and high-tech component that enables your vehicle to operate safely. The windshields of modern vehicles are scientifically engineered because they are made in ways that ensure safety of the passengers. What’s more, a modern windshield is a crucial component that reinforces the strength of the vehicle.

It’s therefore imperative to pay keen attention to anything that may compromise the integrity of the windshield of your vehicle. Although most pits, dings, and cracks can be repaired, it’s important to have a professional check your windshield. Let them tell you whether you need windshield repair or replacement to ensure safety.

Windshield Problems that Necessitate Replacement

Most windshield problems are repairable. Nevertheless, never jump into conclusion or try to repair a damaged windshield without professional assistance. Instead, bring your vehicle to our auto glass repair shop in San Antonio. At Glass Dawg, we have experienced auto glass technicians that inspect windshields professionally and guide our customers on the way forward.

Your windshield should be replaced if:

  • It has a crack that is more than 5 inches
  • The crack touches the windshield’ edge
  • The damage is located directly over the internal antenna or rain sensors

Schedule Your Windshield Replacement in San Antonio

If the windshield of your vehicle is extensively damaged, you need to schedule its replacement with us. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, the replacement will be covered by your insurer. Windshield replacement may also be covered by other policies. However, it’s important that you double check with the insurer just to be sure. At Glass Dawg, We work with major insurance firms to make your windshield replacement convenient and affordable.

Call us now to get a free windshield replacement quote San Antonio estimate while scheduling your appointment!