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Windshield Replacement Near Me

As a vehicle owner, you want to save money by having the damaged windshield repaired. However, there are cases when the damaged windshield can’t be fixed. If the windshield damage is extensive and irreparable, the next question to ask is, where do I get the best windshield replacement near me?

Fortunately, you no longer have to struggle to have a damaged windshield replaced. You just need to get in touch with Glass Dawg and enlist the best windshield repair San Antonio service. Our auto glass technicians are trained and certified. They have vast experience in replacing damaged windshields in different vehicles. Whether you have an extensively cracked, chipped, broken, or scratched windshield, we will help you.

The Best Windshield Replacement Near Me

It’s always our goal to provide a service that you will be proud and happy to recommend to friends and relatives. Before we replace the damaged windshield, we make sure that the body work of your vehicle and its interior are protected by covering them with the right material. This is followed by the removal of chipped, cracked, or scratched windshield. We do this by cutting and removing the glue or shield that holds the windshield in its place and then we remove it.

After removing the damaged windshield, we prepare the new windshield for installation. This entails application of a primer to the framework of the vehicle and allowing it time to dry. It’s only after the primer has dried that we apply the bonding glue to the new windshield. This ensures that the new windshield fits properly and strongly on your vehicle.

This is followed by careful fitting of the new windshield into your vehicle. We also replace all original fittings that we remove from the vehicle while preparing the replacement. We leave the glue to set for about 60 minutes. What’s more, we recommend that you avoid driving the vehicle immediately we complete our windshield repair San Antonio job.

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We know that nobody wants to have a vehicle that they can’t use just because it has a damaged windshield. But, regardless of the condition of your vehicle or its windshield, we will replace the damaged windshield and ensure that your vehicle looks the way it did when you purchased it. Be confident that we will deliver an excellent service that will definitely impress you.

So, stop asking where do I get the best windshield replacement near me and get in touch with Glass Dawg right away to schedule your windshield replacement appointment!