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Windshield Repair San Antonio TX

Windshield Repair San Antonio TX

Do you have a chipped or cracked windshield? Then schedule windshield repair San Antonio TX appointment with Glass Dawg. You might not think much about a rock chip on the windshield of your vehicle. In fact, the chip might not seem like a big deal if it is small and not in the driver’s sight line. Maybe it is not even bothering you while driving.

However, a crack or chip on the windshield will grow bigger if you don’t have it fixed. Air pressure, temperature changes and damage characteristics can lead to its spider-webbing over your vehicle’s windshield. That means while you could have a small chip repaired, you end up paying for the total cost of windshield replacement.

Save Money

If you allow the windshield to go haywire and let the crack spread, you won’t have an option but to replace the windshield. This can be due to the driving laws or the damage may hinder you from seeing out of the windshield while driving. Windshield repair cost is much lower than windshield replacement cost.

Save Time

At Glass Dawg, we have technicians that will take minutes to repair a rock chip on your vehicle’s windshield. On the other hand, windshield replacement takes longer. That’s because you have to allow the used sealant time to cure. This can take even an entire day though it depends on the weather condition and other factors.


The windshield of your vehicle breaks in a certain way because it is designed to prevent sharp shards of glass from forming when an accident occurs. When an accident happens while driving a vehicle with a compromised windshield, the windshield can shatter and cause serious injuries. Avoid this by bringing your vehicle to our windshield repair shop at San Antonio TX or scheduling an out of shop repair.

Environmental Consciousness

If you are an environmental conscious person, you should have the damaged windshield of your vehicle repaired. That’s because you prevent non-recyclable auto glasses from finding their way into the dumpster once you have a damaged windshield repaired. Thus, anytime you repair a damaged windshield, you do something great for Mother Nature.

If your vehicle has a chipped or cracked windshield, don’t postpone its repair. Schedule your windshield repair San Antonio TX appointment with Glass Dawg now!