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Windshield damage is generally frustrating, but you can get the best Windshield Repair in San Antonio any time you visit our auto shop. Perhaps, the best thing about windshield damage is that a chip that is smaller than the size of a quarter or smaller, can be repaired within minutes.

Glass Dawg has professionally trained and experienced experts that provide expert and prompt repairs for windshields in all vehicle makes and models. In fact, we have repaired thousands of windshields over the years. That means we have most probably fixed a windshield problem that is similar to the current windshield problem of your vehicle.

Enlist our service when:

  • Your windshield has a crack or chip that is smaller than a nickel
  • The damage that needs repair is not on the windshield’s edge
  • You have a maximum of three chips
  • The windshield is not damaged on the line of the driver’s sight
  • The damaged part is not the front of a sensor or camera on the

Maybe you have a damaged windshield but you have been postponing its repair assuming that the damage is minor. Well, there are several reasons to let us repair your damaged windshield today.

They include:

    • It’s affordable to repair a damaged windshield especially if it is covered by your vehicle’s insurance.
    • Windshield chips that seem small at first become larger cracks that require full windshield replacement if not fixed promptly.
    • Windshield damage repair is quick and it can be done within 30 minutes.
    • Glass Dawg uses superior materials only to repair damaged windshields.
    • Our workmanship is backed by warranty.

Basically, you should visit our auto shop or hire our mobile service the moment you notice a rock chip or crack on your vehicle’s windshield no matter how small or large it seems.

Remember that one more rock can crack the entire windshield. That means you may have to incur more expenses in windshield replacement.

Therefore, call us now to schedule your windshield repair in San Antonio and avoid unnecessary headaches later.

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Glass Dawg is always here to help you. Whatever the problem of your auto glass or windshield is, we are ready to fix it regardless of your location in San Antonio.

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