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Windshield Prices San Antonio

What determines windshield prices San Antonio estimates? You will most likely ask this question when the windshield of your vehicle sustains extensive damage that can’t be repaired. Basically, the cost of windshield replacement depends on several factors. To determine the amount you will spend on a new windshield, consider these factors.

Model and Make of Your Vehicle

These are the most important factors that influence the cost of windshield replacement. That’s because each vehicle requires a windshield of a different size. Replacing a windshield in a vehicle will also involve a different level of technological complexity.  In terms of size, replacing windshield on a Ford Aspire will cost you less than replacing windshield on a Land Rover. That’s because you will purchase less glass. More sophisticated vehicle models cost more to replace windshield because they are technologically advanced. Technological complexity includes things like built-in attachments and windshield curvature.


Some vehicles have windshields that are notoriously hard to replace. In fact, some vehicle windshields require several technicians to replace. These include the windshields of Porsche models. The amount of the labor that is required to replace a windshield influences windshield price.

Aftermarket Windshield or OEM Windshield

The windshield that you choose will also influence the amount that you will pay for it. An aftermarket windshield will cost you a considerably less amount that an OEM windshield. That’s because OEM windshields are of a higher quality than aftermarket windshields.

Associated Costs

Regardless of the windshield that you prefer, a windshield replacement job will have associated costs. That’s because the specialists that replace windshield in your vehicle will require sealants and adhesives to do the job. Additionally, you may also pay a disposal fee for the damaged windshield.

Generally, windshield prices range between $200 and $400. However, this depends on the above factors. Call Glass Dawg now to get more details on windshield prices San Antonio estimates.