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Windshield Glass Chip Repair San Antonio

Windshield Glass Chip Repair San Antonio

Do you need windshield glass chip repair San Antonio service? Then bring your vehicle to us or call us to engage our mobile service. The windshield glass of your vehicle is as important as the seatbelts, anti-lock brakes and airbags. It keeps you inside the vehicle instead of being thrown out in the event of a heads-on collision. It also keeps the roof of the vehicle in place during a rollover. Additionally, it acts like the backboard of the passenger-side airbag.

Having a properly installed and clean windshield glass that is cracks-free is also important for visibility. In fact, you can be asked to pull over by police if you have a cracked windshield glass. At Glass Dawg, we have experts that have the necessary skills to repair windshield glass chip at our shop or at a location that you prefer.

Our Windshield Glass Chip Repair

Rock chips occur anytime even when it’s not your fault. In most cases, rock chips occur when a vehicle is driven on gravel or close to a truck that is carrying loads. But, as long as your vehicle has a small chip on then windshield glass, we can repair it. In fact, our experienced technicians can provide a quick fix.

We start by vacuuming out air and removing the clogged debris. This is followed by resin injection and curing it with UV light. Our quick procedure enables you to drive away with confident knowing that the crack on the windshield glass will not spread. Don’t forget that failure to have a crack on the windshield glass repaired can lead to its spreading that may necessitate complete replacement of the windshield glass.

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Glass Dawg uses quality materials and tools to provide quick and lasting solution to windshield glass chip problem. If your vehicle has a chip on the windshield glass, call us now to schedule windshield glass chip repair San Antonio appointment!