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Windscreen Replacement Cost San Antonio

Windscreen Replacement Cost San Antonio

When it comes to windscreen replacement cost San Antonio estimates, there are many factors to consider. These include the location of the vehicle where you want the job to be done as well as the vehicle type. If the windscreen of your vehicle has been damaged extensively, here are some of the factors to consider when thinking about its replacement.

Vehicle Type

If your vehicle was vandalized or broken into, you may want to have its windscreen replaced if it was damaged in the process. Your vehicle type will influence the amount that you will pay for its replacement. Luxury vehicles like Mercedes and BMW require replacement windshields that are specific to their makes or models. And, you can only obtain these via the dealers. As such, their windshield replacement costs almost double that of non-luxury vehicles.

Special Features

When replacing windshield in some vehicles, there may be additional expenses. These depend on the special features of each vehicle model. Essentially, the replacement windscreen should match your vehicle’s structural design. Additionally, some vehicles have special features like rain and condensation sensors. These are not easy to replace. Some newer models come with numerous sensors that must be replaced alongside the windshield. As such, these have a significant influence on windscreen replacement cost San Antonio estimates.


Some auto insurance policies cover windshield repair and replacement. That means if you have comprehensive auto coverage, you may not pay anything to have a new windscreen installed on your vehicle. However, some insurance policies do not include windshield replacement or repair. Therefore, check whether your auto insurance policy covers windshield replacement first. If not, be prepared to pay cash.

At Glass Dawg, we accept both insurance and cash payment for windshield replacement. Call us now to get a free windscreen replacement cost San Antonio estimate!