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Window Glass Replacement in San Antonio

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Glass Dawg is the company to call whenever you need window glass replacement in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you aim to replace a few windows or perform a complete remodel by installing new window glass, our crew can help you. We replace damaged and inefficient window glasses in residential and commercial properties.

Our window glass replacement service can improve the efficiency and the curb appeal of your property. Perhaps, you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace your window glass. In that case, consider the severity of the damage on the window glass. If your glass frames or sashes seem worn, ineffectual or damaged in any way, you should replace the window glass.

Maybe the reason for wondering whether to repair or replace the windows is the overall costs. Essentially, window glass replacement cost depends on several factors, including their location. However, repairing window glass can cost you more than replacing it, especially if removing panes from sashes is a difficult task. Also, restoring an old window might be an unwise investment if the new windows are less expensive and more robust.

Glass Dwag
Glass Dwag

Why You Might Need Window Glass Replacement in San Antonio

Most property owners try to find a safe, temporary solution to prevent cracks on window glasses. But how long does this solution last? In the end, property owners need a permanent solution to their window glass problem.

Glass windows allow the natural light and air to enter a residential or commercial property. They also give a property a beautiful, graceful, and elegant look. But a window glass can crack due to several reasons, including pressure, impact, and stress. Here are the primary reasons to hire us to replace your window glass.

Rotting Wood

Call Glass Dawg to replace your window glass if you notice rotting along the wood surrounding the glass. Rotting occurs when water finds its way to the window glass. A poor paint job can also cause rotting when it wears off, and cracks develop in some spots. Once water sets in, mold can start growing. And this water can come from lawn sprinklers or rainfall.

You can notice wood rot in the following parts of the window glass:

  • Frames: The outside window frames can deteriorate because of sprinkler or rainfall exposure.
  • Sashes: Rain can creep in when your windows are open, leading to rotting on the inside.
  • Dividers: This can happen the same way with the window glass sashes.

In some cases, the damage can be detrimental or advanced that you might notice with your eyes. Therefore, calling experts to inspect your window glass is the best way to determine whether you can patch and repaint the rotten sports or replace the entire window.

Broken Seals

Wear and tear on the seals can also necessitate window glass replacement. That’s because seals can break or crack as temperature and time take a toll on them. The seal between the double panes can also rapture due to condensation. And this happens due to the formation of fogs alongside the glass.

Dampened seals can contract and expand due to the heat inside the room, leading to the reoccurrence of fog. And this can compromise the seals. Unfortunately, broken seals present an irreversible problem because even salvaging the pane becomes difficult. Thus, broken seals mean you have to replace the entire window.

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Broken Panes

Broken panes are a glaring sign of damaged window glass. This problem requires an immediate solution, whether it’s a crack, gaping hole via the pane, or a chip. Thrown projectiles and stray balls can cause cavities and cracks in the panes. Also, a harsh storm can damage the panes. Additionally, abrasive cleaners can also cause this problem.

When you only have damaged glass, you may not have to replace your entire window. However, you need a new glass pane installation if you have a well-preserved and vintage window frame. If you have cheap vinyl frames with cracks, you might need complete window glass replacement.

Glass Dawg Services
Glass Dawg Services


Safety is an essential issue when you have a cracked or broken window. Replacing your window becomes necessary when it helps in safeguarding your belongings and property from damages or theft. Hiring us enables you to get a professional window glass replacement that protects your property and belongings.

Improved Appearance

A cracked or broken glass doesn’t look attractive or safe. Essentially, a cracked window glass ruins the elegance and charm of a building. If your building has damaged or broken glasses, it lowers the prominent appearance of your property. Luckily, you can hire us to replace your cracked or broken window glass professionally.

Drafty Windows

Faulty windows might not open or have an opposite problem. For instance, if you kept your window open during summer, air could seep in even when closed. A window might also never open or fail to insulate your house. That means the window has gaps between the dividers, frames, and sashes. Some of the causes of draft windows include:

  • Peeled or cracked caulking
  • Old weather stripping
  • Wood rot
  • Loosened sashes

Some of these issues are easy to remedy with caulk application alongside the gaps. However, some of these issues require complete window glass replacement. But when your windows have won and old sashes, replacing them might cost the same as replacing the windows.

Professional Window Glass Replacement

We’re a professional team of experts offering window glass replacement services in San Antonio and nearby areas. We can provide same-day window glass replacement once you enlist our service.

What’s more, we work closely with you to ensure that you get your dream window glass. We also carry different glass types to ensure that we always have materials that match our clients’ needs. Even if you want to upgrade your currency window glass, we can install a product that suits your needs.

Contact us now if looking for quality window glass replacement in San Antonio, Texas!