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The Cost of Ignoring Windshield Damage in San Antonio- Things to Know

The cost of ignoring windshield damage in San Antonio is noticeable. A faulty windshield is hazardous, placing drivers and passengers in danger of severe injury or death in the event of an accident. At Glass Dawg, we know the essence of keeping your car’s windshield in its best condition. We offer professional windshield repairs at affordable rates.

Our crew comprises the most competent auto glass technicians with a proven track record of providing top-notch repairs for all types of windshields. Whether you have the latest vehicle model or a classic car, our crew can repair its windshield when faulty. Trust us to restore your car’s windshield to its factory standards when you bring it to our shop for repair.

The Cost of Ignoring Windshield Damage in San Antonio- Why You Shouldn't

Several factors should prompt you to immediately bring your vehicle for windshield repair at Glass Dawg if you notice something unusual. They include the following:

  1. Safety: Your vehicle’s safety depends on a solid windshield. A faulty one puts you and your passengers at risk during an accident as it cannot protect you from flying debris or, worse, shield you from flying glass shards in the event of a crash.
  2. Worsening Damage: As time passes, the damage gets even worse, leading to costly repairs bills when brought late for repair.
  3. Legal Problems: Windshields that are not in good condition can attract legal implications due to traffic regulations stipulating that all vehicles must have functioning windshields before owners drive them on the roads legally.
  4. Depreciation Value: A car with a damaged windshield has a lower resale value than one with a functional windshield.

Besides repairing your windshield at the lowest cost possible, we do the job to last for a long time. We know the essence of your car’s windshield, and our crew goes above and beyond to provide top-notch services that won’t break the bank or make you wait endlessly for repairs.

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Work with Experts Instead of Ignoring Your Windshield Damage

Glass Dawg is the best place to fix your faulty windshield in San Antonio. We pride ourselves as the go-to auto glass shop with a proven track record of fixing all windshield damages. Some of the windshield repairs you can get at our shop include the following:

  • Chip repair: Our technicians use the latest repair processes for rock chip repairs.
  • Windshield replacements: We stock and install new windshields for all types of cars, ensuring you keep your vehicle in its best condition.
  • Leak repair: We have seasoned auto glass technicians who can identify leaks from wind noise, water damage, and other related problems.
  • Star break repair: We use the latest technology for repairing star breaks, restoring your windshield to its original condition.
  • Bullseye break repair: Our technicians are experienced in fixing bullseye breaks, ensuring that your windshield remains strong and durable.
  • Half-moon crack repair: We can help you fix any half-moon crack, no matter its size.
  • Combination break repair: We can combine all windshield break repairs, reducing the chances of replacing your windshield.

Glass Dawg has provided reliable and effective auto glass services to San Antonio for many years. With the most competent technicians in town, we can guarantee quality windshield repairs that will last a long time. Our crew takes pride in their jobs, ensuring it does each job correctly.

At Glass Dawg, we know the importance of keeping your car’s windshield solid and durable. Trust us to repair your windshield quickly at a pocket-friendly rate. Our vast hands-on experience and modern technologies enable us to provide superior auto glass repairs that enhance our customers’ safety on the road. Our lasting windscreen repairs will keep your windshield robust and secure while improving driving visibility.

Also, we can help you with a complete windshield replacement if the damage to your car’s windshield is extensive. No matter the severity of the windscreen damage, we promise to repair or replace your car’s windshield within the shortest time possible without compromising its quality.

Our Windshield Repair Process

At Glass Dawg, we have a streamlined and reliable process to ensure we handle your windshield repairs correctly. Our repair process involves the following:

  • Assessment: We assess the extent of damage on your windshield before any repairs can begin.
  • Repair preparation: After the assessment, we prepare for the repair or replacement by cleaning the windshield to remove dirt and debris for better adhesion.
  • Adhesion preparation: The technicians then apply an adhesive primer to enable strong adhesion between the new windshield and sealant. 
  • Windshield installation/repair: Finally, we install or repair your car’s windshield as necessary.

We understand you need a quick fix for your car’s damaged windshield. Therefore, our skilled technicians work around the clock to quickly make your vehicle look perfect. Our experienced and well-equipped professionals are ready to give you quality repairs at an affordable rate.

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Windshield Repair Services with Guarantees

Your vehicle is among your significant investments. Therefore, you want the best experts to repair it whenever its windshield sustains damage. Improper windshield repair can put you at a higher risk when driving due to visibility problems. Also, it can compromise your safety in case your car rolls over. That’s why only experts who guarantee quality and professional services should repair your car’s windshield.

At Glass Dawg, we offer windshield repair services with guarantees. Our lifetime warranty covers you for all repairs our technicians perform. The coverage applies to all windshield repair services, including chip and crack repairs, leak fixes, and star break repairs. We guarantee that your car’s windshield will remain solid and secure after our repair works.

We take pride in delivering quality services that are second to none. We understand the importance of safety while driving on the road. That’s why we promptly repair or replace your car’s windshield without compromising its quality. Now that you know the cost of ignoring windshield damage in San Antonio, please call us or bring your vehicle for repair. We guarantee you superior windshield repair at reasonable prices. Contact us today!

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