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Glass Dawg is the company to call when you need help with your sliding show doors in San Antonio, Texas. Show enclosures come with different configurations. For instance, the doors of these enclosures can be sliding, bi-fold, or hinged. If you choose sliding doors, you can have double or single door sliding.

The choice of your show door should depend on factors like: 

  • Your shower type
  • The location of your shower head and plumbing fixtures’ access
  • The available room
  • Your shower enclosure users

A sliding door is among the best options in most cases. This choice is ideal when you want to access your shower with two sliding doors or have a small bathroom.

Modernize Your Bathroom with Sliding Shower Doors

Perhaps, your bathroom needs a makeover. However, you might lack adequate time or money for a complete bathroom renovation. In that case, you can transform your bathroom by installing a sliding door.

Replacing your old shower curtains or framed door with a frameless, modern sliding door can make all the difference. Installing this door in your shower enclosure is a great way to modernize your outdated bathroom.

We install sliding doors in different configurations to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our crew installs sliding doors that feel better because they come in different types, from patterned to clear. Thus, you go for an option that suits your style.

The Versatility of Sliding Shower Doors

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Installing sliding doors does not mean you have to limit yourself to a specific shower or bath style. We bring you different models of highly versatile sliding shower doors from which you can choose. What’s more, we can adapt our doors to work with separate shower and bath configurations. Our crew will work with you to install shower doors that suit your bathroom.

Install Sliding Shower Doors with an Impressive Appearance

Whether you prefer a framed or frameless mode, our sliding shower doors will always look amazing. That’s because they work well with almost any décor. What’s more, we install sliding doors that comfortably fit in bathrooms of virtually all sizes.

Our framed sliding doors are ideal for homeowners looking for a traditional look. If you prefer a modern look, install a frameless sliding shower door. Either way, Glass Dawg ensures that you enjoy all benefits of sliding shower doors. We install doors that look good. All our installations are safe for any of your family members to use.

Install Sliding Shower Doors in San Antonio, Texas to Save Space

Perhaps, you have limited space around your bathroom. That means you want to utilize the available space maximally. In that case, hire us to install sliding doors on your shower enclosure. We install sliding doors that make entering and exiting the shower easier. Unlike hinged doors, a sliding door won’t swing out or in. That means you will always have adequate space to move around the bathroom.

Using Sliding Shower Doors is Easier

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Once you hire us to install a sliding door on your enclosure, reaching your shower-control valves will be more accessible. Whether you have a sliding door on a shower stall or a bathtub, sliding both the doors to the right or the left will be easier. And this will enable you to access your shower easily. Also, operating your sliding doors will be easier for people with special needs and elderly family members.

Sliding Shower Doors are Easier for Kids to Use

If you have a hinged shower door, your kids will have a hard time using your bathroom to take a shower. To make taking a shower easier for your kids, hire us to install sliding doors. Some people think shower curtains are the best option for people with kids. However, this is not true because many parents eventually complain about them. For instance, your kids might not pull shower curtains entirely. Water can also leak out when somebody is taking a shower.

Installing a sliding door on your shower enclosure can eliminate all these problems. That’s because sliding doors close securely into their wall track. And this creates an overlap that leaves no space for water to escape. In addition to eliminating annoyance by adults, children can quickly close sliding doors than curtains.

Easy-to-Clean Shower Doors

Cleaning shower windows is not easy. Some individuals even go for months without cleaning their shower windows. However, cleaning our custom shower doors is easy. That’s because you can quickly move the doors to wipe them clean. With our installations, you will minimize the time you spend cleaning your bathroom. All you do is slide your entryways open and then wipe them clean.

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