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Rock Chip Repair San Antonio

Rock Chip Repair San Antonio

You may need a rock chip repair San Antonio service when a flying rock or debris hits and damages your vehicle’s windshield. The rock or debris is most likely cast off from a commercial truck’s load. In simple terms, a rock chip occurs when the windshield of a vehicle is cracked or damaged by a stone.

The damage may eventually become visible as a linear crack, circular bulls-eye, star-shaped break or even a combination of these three. Nevertheless, regardless of how the damage looks, you still have a high chance of having the windshield repaired.

At Glass Dawg, we repair rock chips by applying a vacuum pressure onto them. This is followed by resin injection into the chips. We use resin that is optically compatible with auto glass to repair window or windshield rock chips. As such, once we inject this resin, we cure it with ultraviolet light. And after the repair, the window or windshield is no longer at the risk of further cracking from the impact point.

Crucial Considerations

It’s important to note that rock chip repair is largely dependent on location, size and extent of the damage. If the chip is extensive, you may have to replace the windshield. Nevertheless, our technicians use special techniques to repair chips and cracks of up to twelve inches. That’s why you should talk to us before you consider windshield replacement.

The location of the chip plays a crucial role when it comes to the fate of your windshield. A chip at the windshield’s edge spreads very quickly. It also compromises the glass’ structural integrity. If you don’t have it fixed in time, it will necessitate windshield replacement.

Also note that there are cases when it may not be wise to repair a rock chip that occurs directly in the vision line of the driver. That’s because the process of repairing it can leave minor distortions that may compromise the vision of the driver.

Schedule Your San Antonio Rock Chip Repair Now!

Regardless of the location or size of the rock chip, it’s advisable to repair it quickly. Waiting longer than necessary allows dirt time to get into the damaged part. This affects clarity and effectiveness of the rock chip repair. So, don’t wait because doing so will only escalate the problem. Instead, call us or visit our auto shop immediately. Enlist our rock chip repair San Antonio service now to save time and money while ensuring your safety!