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Replace My Windshield San Antonio

Replace My Windshield San Antonio

Do I need a replace my windshield San Antonio service? The windshield is the first safety restraint for your vehicle. It is a protection layer that ensures that people and things stay inside and outside your vehicle. The windshield is made of two glass layers that are bonded together by lamination or a strong vinyl.

The glass is held together by vinyl when a windshield breaks. This ensures that you are not hurt by the falling shards. Clearly, the windshield is one of the parts of your vehicle that should never be compromised due to its critical role. So, how do you make the decision to replace it?

Location of the crack

When there is a crack at the edge of a windshield, it will most likely spread very quickly and compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. But, the windshield can be repaired if the crack is yet to spread. Otherwise, you should engage a windshield replacement service in San Antonio. Additionally, replacement is recommended when the crack is located on the sight line of the driver. That’s because the crack can cause dangerous distortion.

Size of the Crack

A crack that measures 3 inches long can be repaired in most auto glass repair shops. As long as a chip is not bigger than a quarter or its diameter larger than one inch, it can also be repaired. Any crack or chip that is larger than this requires complete replacement of the windshield.

Severity of the Damage

If the crack is very deep or has four or more cracks, you should replace the windshield. Generally, it is recommended that you replace the windshield if a large object hits the windshield of your vehicle or if the vehicle is involved in a heads on collision. That’s because the glass of the windshield and its supporting frame will most likely be weakened by major impact. Thus, the entire windshield may break or crack when faced with another impact regardless of how minor it will be.

So, if the windshield of your vehicle has a crack or a chip, stop asking do I need a replace my windshield San Antonio service and call Glass Dawg now!