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Quality Windshield Repair Shops near Me

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The best solution to a chipped or cracked windshield is not always replacing it. Depending on the location and severity of the damage, you can repair your windshield and get behind the wheels safely. That’s why the first question you’re likely to ask on noticing a chip or crack on your auto glass is, “where do I get quality windshield repair shops near me?” Another thing to bear in mind when dealing with a faulty windshield is that time is essential. If you don’t fix a chip or crack on time, it can expand in size, leaving you with a windshield replacement as your only option.

Therefore, don’t postpone windshield repair, assuming that the damage is negligible. Instead, contact or visit Glass Dawg to hire the best experts to fix your auto glass. We offer the most cost-effective windshield repairs to drivers and vehicle owners. Our crew comprises the most qualified professionals that use innovative techniques and sophisticated tools to repair windscreens.

If somebody uses the wrong material or technique to repair your windscreen, it can pop out during a collision or even crush your car’s occupants. A windshield provides an essential protection layer to the driver and passengers during an accident when installed correctly. That’s why you should never take corners when repairing a windshield.

Why Do I Get from Quality Windshield Repair Shops Near Me?

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Perhaps, this is bothering you because you have more minor chips or cracks on your windscreen. Ideally, a break of a few inches and a chip not more extensive than a quarter inch is reparable. At Glass Dawg, we have the most qualified technicians to determine whether your windscreen needs repair or replacement. And we always go for the safest option when deciding to repair or replace a windshield.

Here’s why Glass Dawg is the industry leader when it comes to windshield repair: 

  • Superior materials and tools: Windshield repair injects high-quality polymer resin into the damaged area. After drying, our crew uses specialty tools to smooth the windshield. Our team uses innovative tools and superior resin to ensure perfect appearance and safety.
  • Certified technicians: A windshield is a safety feature of your vehicle. Therefore, we can’t leave its repair to amateurs. Upon bringing your vehicle to us, we ensure that only certified technicians with vast hands-on experience repair the faulty windshield.
  • Affordable prices: We charge the most reasonable fees for our windscreen repair services. Our crew will carefully assess the damage to your windshield and give you an upfront estimate.
  • Efficiency: At Glass Dawg, we value our clients’ time. Therefore, we take a short time to assess the damage to your windshield and fix it efficiently. In some cases, we repair auto glass chips within 30 minutes.

When chipped, a windshield is a safety hazard because it can impair the driver’s visibility. Also, the windscreen contributes a significant percentage of your car’s structural integrity. When you hire us to repair your windscreen with a chip or a crack, you prevent a collision when driving a vehicle with a faulty windshield.

Custom Windshield Repair Services

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Each vehicle is unique. Once you seek our windscreen repair services, we focus on custom solutions to your individual needs. Our certified technicians have vast hands-on experience repairing windshields on different types of vehicles.

Here’s what our custom windshield repair services cover: 

  • Cracked windscreens
  • Chipped windshields
  • Auto glass that doesn’t need replacement

Our certified technicians focus on getting every client back on the road safely and efficiently. What’s more, we accept both insurance and cash payment. We work with all major insurers in San Antonio, Texas.

Windscreen Repair Warranty

Our windshield repair services come with a warranty that covers the work as long as you lease or own the vehicle. When trying to repair the windshield, the chip can expand, rendering it irreparable. In that case, Glass Dawg won’t be responsible because the windscreen had faulty already. But if we fix the damage to your windshield and the same portion cracks again, we will repair it without charging you an extra fee. And our warranty applies, provided you lease or own the car that we fix, but it’s not transferrable.

We give you a warranty because we’re confident in the overall quality of our work. Whether your windshield has a star, a crack, or a chip, we will assess it to determine whether it’s repairable. If your windshield is irreparable, our crew can suggest replacement. We offer both windshield repair and windscreen replacement services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Quality Mobile Windshield Repair Services

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Perhaps, you don’t have the time to bring your vehicle to our shop for windscreen repair. In that case, enlist our mobile service. We know that auto glass breaks and chips won’t wait for the most convenient time to happen. Talk to Glass Dawg if you don’t want to risk your life by driving a car with a faulty windscreen.

Our team is on standby, ready to come right where you’re to fix the faulty windshield. Whether you want us to repair the windshield at home, school, or work, our crew will bring innovative tools and quality materials for the job. Our mobile service is fast and affordable. What’s more, you get the same quality service when you enlist our mobile and in-shop services.

Stop asking, ‘where do I find quality windshield repair shops near me now.’ Contact Glass Dawg to get a quality service at the most reasonable price!