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Professional Residential Glass Company Serving San Antonio Texas

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Glass Dawg is a professional residential glass company serving San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to provide same-day, prompt, and professional home glass services that cater to residential property owners’ unique needs. Be confident you will get your desired results once you enlist our services.

We’re a team of experts with hands-on experience in installing and repairing all types of residential glass. Whether you need help with your window glass or door glass, we can assist you. We want to help you maintain the beauty and enjoy the comfort of your home. As such, we offer you the best residential glass services in San Antonio, Texas, at the most reasonable prices.

Our crew stands for safety, quality, and credibility. That means you can always be confident in our work’s quality. Over the years, we have handled many residential glass projects. These include home glass repair, window installation, window screens, shower enclosures, and custom mirrors. All our team members have the necessary training and experience to handle any of these jobs expertly to guarantee excellent results and give you money value upon enlisting our services.

Trusted and Professional Residential Glass Company Serving San Antonio, Texas for Years

We’ve been serving residential property owners in San Antonio, Texas, for years. In every project, we exceed our clients’ expectations by providing superior services. Whether somebody cracked your shower door or you have a smashed front door window, we can help you. We can also repair your double pane window if it’s collecting condensation. Our crew comprises highly trained technicians that work with all types of residential glass.

We always want to establish lasting relationships with our clients. For this reason, we use quality products when offering our services. Even if you don’t know the best product for your residential property, our technicians can guide you. Please schedule a consultation appointment with us. Our experienced technicians will discuss the available options with you to help you install the best glass on your property.

Professional Residential Glass Installation in San Antonio, Texas

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Dent Dawg is a trusted company specializing in residential glass installation. We install specialty glass, windows, mirrors, and door glasses. If you have old and dull glass that no longer impresses you, we can replace it. We can also install custom glass on your new home.

Our crew handles both large and small residential glass installation projects. We know the importance of glass in your home. Proper residential glass installation can save you energy bills by allowing natural light to enter your home during the day. What’s more, quality glass can enhance the value of your property.

Every homeowner loves the idea of enjoying the outside view from their property. And our crew understands this. That’s why we focus on installing superior glass in our clients’ homes. Be confident that our work’s quality will impress you.

Quality Home Glass Repair in San Antonio, Texas

Does your home glass has chips on the exterior? Or do you have a cracked shower enclosure? These are some of the issues that our quality home glass repair can fix. Quality glass is an essential visual and structural element of your home. However, home glass is susceptible to different types of damage. Whether it’s worn-out components, wayward baseball, or harsh weather that has damaged your glass, we can repair it.

Call us if you need help repairing any of the following: 

Broken window: Perhaps, you’ve noticed moisture between the panes of your double-pane window. That means you could have a faulty seal or glass. And this can reduce visibility and energy efficiency. Luckily, our crew can repair your broken window safely, professionally, and efficiently.

  • Window screen: Did somebody damage the screen of your window? If yes, our crew can take care of this. We will fix your damaged window screen and clean it.
  • Shower door: Do you have a damaged shower door? Our crew can repair it. And if unable to fix the damage, our team can replace your damaged shower door.

We specialize in fixing all types of residential glass when damaged. That means our crew can repair your faulty tampered glass, insulated windows, mirrors, polycarbonates, laminated glass, wire glass, annealed glass, and frameless showers.

If the damage to your residential glass is beyond repair, we can replace it. Our crew has the necessary skills and experience to fix any damage to your window. We provided a professional, unbiased, and honest assessment once you set up a consultation appointment with us.

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Maybe you want to install quality residential glass on your new house. You might also need help repairing the faulty glass in your home. And this could be the reason you’re searching for the phrase “residential glass company near me” online. Well, Dent Dawg is always ready to come over and install or replace your faulty glass.

We have served San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas for years. And our crew has always provided services that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Whether you’ve a large or a small residential glass installation or repair project, we will handle it professionally.

Our crew is friendly, experienced, and professional. What’s more, our rates are reasonable, and our focus is always on ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Stop worrying about your faulty home glass and call us today.