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Glass Dawg is among the best places that fix windshields in San Antonio, Texas. A minor chip or a crack on the windscreen can dampen the overall driving experience. Apart from being unattractive, a chip or crack on the windshield is a safety hazard. Fortunately, a minor ding or chip doesn’t always necessitate a windshield replacement. Our crew can repair the faulty windshield after a careful examination.

We have the most competent experts to assess your faulty windshield to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. We constantly analyze every damage on the auto glass to do things right. In every task, we aim to restore the original strength of the windshield. Be confident that your vehicle will be in safe hands once you hire us to repair the windshield.

Why Glass Dawg is Among the Best Places that Fix Windshields

Life Time warranty

Vision clarity is vital when driving your vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to hire experts to fix a minor chip before it expands into a crack. Our team comprises the most competent auto glass specialists that will inspect the crack or chip visually to determine the best action to take. Our crew will inject a polymer into the faulty windshield part if necessary. Doing this the moment you notice a chip can prevent the spread of the crack across the windscreen. That way, you avoid the high cost of replacing the windshield. Here’s why Glass Dawg is the best place to repair your windshield.

  • Time-saving: Our experts are the most qualified to repair your windshield in San Antonio, Texas. That’s because they have the necessary expertise and equipment to do the job efficiently and deliver excellent results. Our windshield repair is fast and of the highest quality.
  • Safety first: We do an excellent and efficient windshield repair job efficiently and professionally. Your windshield accounts for a significant percentage of your car’s structural strength. That means it’s vital for the safety of your vehicle. Be confident that our experts will focus on repairing the windshield while ensuring the security of your car.
  • Affordable services: Nobody plans to have a cracked or chipped windshield. In most cases, life happens, leaving you with a crack or chip on the windscreen. For this reason, we charge affordable fees for our windshield services. Whether you need windscreen repair or windshield replacement, we will charge you a reasonable price for the service. And the service could even cost you nothing if you have comprehensive auto insurance. Thus, you won’t even pay a deductible.
  • Lifetime guarantee: We guarantee our windshield repair as long as you keep your car. That’s because we’re confident in the quality of our work. Trust us to repair your windscreen and ensure it looks and performs excellently.

A windshield serves more purpose than protecting you from wind and elements while driving. Modern cars come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, including intelligent speed adaptation, lane departure warning systems, and parking sensors that enhance your vehicle’s safety. They also improve your overall driving experience.

If your vehicle has technologies like windshield-mounted cameras and sensors, repairing a faulty windscreen or replacing it requires special skills, experience, and equipment. That’s why you should allow only qualified experts to repair or replace your car’s windscreen. At Glass Dawg, we have competent specialists that use the latest technology to repair and replace windscreens. Additionally, we ensure proper calibration of windshield-mounted cameras and sensors. That way, your vehicle’s ADAS system functions optimally after repairing or replacing the windshield.

Comprehensive Windshield Services

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As hinted, we’re a full-service company repairing windshields in all types of vehicles. Our inventory has windscreens for most vehicles. We also have all the accessories and products for repairing windshields. That way, we offer the most efficient and affordable windshield services to our clients regardless of their vehicle’s makes and models.

Our windshield services include:

  • Windshield repair for chips, cracks, and dings
  • Windshield replacement
  • Rear windshield replacement
  • ADAS calibration
  • Mobile windscreen repair

Our crew can repair your car’s windshield if it has a chip or a ding. However, we may restore your windshield if the chip’s diameter exceeds an inch. That’s because repairing such a chip will compromise the glass structural integrity and the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. Also, you need windshield replacement if the faulty part obstructs your view while driving.

Here’s what our crew considers to determine whether to repair or replace a windshield:

  • Location: If a crack runs to the windshield’s edge, our crew will replace it. That’s because such a crack will spread. Also, we will replace your windshield if the crack or chip obstructs your vision while driving.
  • Size: If the chip’s diameter exceeds an inch, we will replace the windshield to ensure the car’s structural integrity.
  • Timespan: Dirt will accumulate in the chip if you don’t bring it to us for repair. Once this happens, successful windshield repair becomes difficult. Thus, our crew will have to replace the windshield.

Our technicians will recommend the best approach after assessing the damage to your windshield. Our first approach is a repair attempt because it’s an efficient and affordable option. However, we will recommend a replacement if that will be the safest choice.

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Windshield damage shouldn’t threaten your car occupants’ safety. That’s why you should visit one of the best places that fix windshields the moment you notice a crack or chip. Our crew is ready to give you a free windshield repair or replacement estimate. Contact or visit us today!