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Glass Repair San Antonio

A glass repair San Antonio service becomes necessary when stones or pebbles damage the windshield of a vehicle. When the windshield is cracked or chipped, there are basically two options to consider. These are windshield repair and windshield replacement. Generally, many people opt for windshield replacement without realizing that windshield repair San Antonio service can also be a great option.

At Glass Dawg, we take time to analyze the condition of your damaged glass to determine whether it can be repaired. That’s because we know that repairing a damaged auto glass has numerous benefits over replacing it.


If you have an auto insurance policy that covers the glass comprehensively, it means that windshield replacement is also covered. However, it’s important to know that the insurance covers windshield repair in full as well. Since windshield repair is a quicker option, you should schedule your glass repair appointment with us.

What’s more, if your auto insurance does not cover auto glass comprehensively, consider repairing the damaged windshield instead of replacing it. That’s because repairing a damaged windshield will cost you a significantly less amount than replacing it.

Windshield Strength

A chip or crack in the windshield compromises its structural integrity. Although only a significantly dense item can crack the windshield, smaller objects make the cracks worse. What’s more, chips and cracks on auto glass indicate the beginning of a serious windshield problem. Therefore, if you detect a problem on your auto glass, schedule your glass repair San Antonio appointment with us right away. Don’t forget that a cracked windshield can get you a ticket from the traffic police.

Lasting Effects

If you let cracks on the windshield of your vehicle to escalate, they will weaken the entire windshield. And this is a recipe for a serious problem. That’s because if your vehicle goes over a large sized bump or if you drive the vehicle during a windy storm, the windshield will easily collapse into the vehicle. This implies that a damaged windshield can harm the passengers physically and make driving during a storm extremely dangerous.

What’s more, a damaged windshield will allow water into the vehicle. This will damage the interior of your vehicle, particularly the area that surrounds the windshield. Thus, when you allow professionals to repair your auto glass, you prevent damage to the driver, the passengers, and the vehicle itself.

Glass Repair San Antonio Appointments Are Quick

Repairing an auto glass takes less time than replacing it. Once you make a glass repair appointment with us, you find our technicians waiting to do the repair. And, the job will take you a relatively lesser time compared to replacement.

Additionally, we provide mobile glass repair services. That means we can even come to your home to repair the damaged glass. And, our glass repair technicians are always equipped with the right tools and products to do any repair job professionally and efficiently.

Generally, these are some of the reasons to consider windshield repair before replacement. If you have a damaged auto glass, call us now to schedule your glass repair San Antonio appointment!