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Glass Chip Repair San Antonio

Glass Chip Repair San Antonio

Enlisting glass chip repair San Antonio service the moment a chip occurs is very important. That’s because a chip on the auto glass can become a crack when you least expect it. And, your safety will be at a great risk if this happens while driving.

Essentially, a glass like the windscreen offers up to 30 percent of the structural strength of your vehicle. The passenger airbag is also dependent on the windscreen of your vehicle for support when deploying. As such, repairing an auto glass chip keeps the windshield of the vehicle strong and capable of serving its purpose effectively.

Save Time and Money with Glass Chip Repair San Antonio Service

Repairing an auto glass takes about 30 minutes. Basically, glass chip repair is faster than replacement. What’s more, our technicians can provide our mobile auto glass repair service at any location in San Antonio. This gives you greater convenience and time savings.

What’s more, if your vehicle is covered by comprehensive auto insurance that includes glass damage cover, you will just pay excess. And claiming the insurance won’t reduce the no-claim bonus. Additionally, we deal with all major insurers and we will help you with paperwork. You just need to provide details of the auto glass cover of your insurance policy.

Different Types of Glass Chip Repair

We repair chips in different types of auto glass.

Common among them include:

  • OEM parts
  • Tinted glass
  • Flat Glass
  • Curved glass
  • Heads-up display windscreens

Our team comprises of certified auto glass specialists. These have repaired glass chips of different sizes, shapes, and on different types of auto glass. So, don’t let a minor glass chip become bigger and necessitate complete auto glass replacement. Instead, call us or visit our shop to discuss your glass chip repair. Even if you are not sure whether the chip is repairable, our technicians will help you.

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