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Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

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Frameless sliding shower doors are also called bypass doors. These are some of the most common doors for glass shower enclosures in the current market. They are ideal for stand-alone showers and combination tubs with a width of more than 60 inches. A sliding glass shower door comes with 2 to 3 glass panels. These slid across the tracks when closing and opening the same way a patio door does. 

Opening a sliding shower door is very easy. This makes it ideal for homes with individuals that suffer from mobility issues. These doors are seen as a classy addition to most bathrooms. They enhance the value of the homes where they are installed. 

Since they are frameless, the glass is held in place using hardware instead of a framing structure. As such, the glass has a sleek surface that doesn’t have obstructions to the enclosed space view. The bathroom appearance is enhanced by a sliding shower door. Essentially, this door gives a bathroom a streamlined appearance. 

Homeowners have many models of this door to choose from. Each model has a unique style and benefits. Different pane types and glass thicknesses are also available. Every door is easy to install with the help of an expert. 

At Glass Dawg, we have the skills, experience, and tools that are required to install frameless sliding doors. We can also install a custom sliding door for you. Just get in touch with us to schedule a consultation appointment or installation of your frameless sliding door.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Enhance Convenience

The fact that you roll the sliding door to get in and out of your bathing space without difficulty makes this installation more convenient. What’s more, a frameless sliding door provides a trim, sleek appearance that impresses everybody that visits a home. 

Essentially, a frameless sliding door provides an easy to install door system that is also easy to use. What’s more, this door is easy to configure based on the available space. Since this door doesn’t have a frame, soap scum and mold won’t accumulate on the door. This makes it easier to clean or maintain. 

The tracking system for this door is also thin. As such, the door can close and open with ease. Rather than have a framework, this door is assembled with a rod made of stainless steel. This helps in keeping the panes in their place. 

Advantages of Frameless Sliding Doors

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Dawag Glass Auto

The many benefits of frameless sliding doors have made them increasingly popular. 

Major among them include: 

  • Seamless Appearance: When you install a frameless sliding door, you enjoy an open, bring, aesthetic that suits the design of your home. This door comes with large hardware and glass panels that match or suit your bathroom. As such, a sliding door enhances the beauty or aesthetics of your bathroom or home. 
  • Functional Handles: Just like a towel bar, a sliding shower door can be used to hang washcloths, towels, and clothing. This enhances their accessibility when using the bathroom. 
  • Small space utilization: Instead of swinging, these doors slide open. This is an excellent mechanism for saving space. As such, these doors are ideal for people with small bathrooms because they are compact and functional. 

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a sliding door can be a great addition. It will enhance the look and functionality of your bathing space. 

Disadvantages of Frameless Sliding Doors

Anything that has pros has cons too. And, these sliding doors are not different. 

Among the disadvantages of frameless sliding doors include: 

  • Limited entry space: Sliding doors are limited when it comes to slide open. As such, these doors might not open widely to allow parents to bathe their little ones. Even people with special needs and those preferring larger openings might not like the limited entry space of these doors. 
  • Cleaning difficulties: Cleaning sliding doors from the inside is not easy. Most people find tracks and hardware difficult to clean. Thus, they can even go for a long time without cleaning the tracks and hardware properly. 
  • More maintenance required: Typically, a sliding shower door has metal tracks. These are made of a metal that can rust after some time. Consequently, routine maintenance is required to ensure that a sliding door continues to function smoothly. 

Whether to install frameless sliding doors in your shower or not should depend on factors like the available space and your desired style. Nevertheless, sliding doors are a great addition to any modern shower enclosure. 

Let Experts Install Your Frameless Sliding Door

Glass Dawg comprises a team of experts that have been installing glass doors for years. We install custom glass shower doors in all types of bathrooms. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, we can install a custom frameless door on your enclosure. Our installations are easy to use and maintain. And we charge the most reasonable fees for our services. Be confident that you will get value for the money that you invest in our products and service.

If you have a small space, our sliding doors are ideal for your bathroom. You should also choose a sliding door for your shower enclosure if you need an installation with easy maintenance and cleaning.

Contact us now to learn more about our frameless sliding shower doors