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Frameless Shower Door Services in San Antonio, Texas



Glass Dawg offers the best frameless shower door services in San Antonio, Texas. Our services cover both residential and commercial buildings. If you have shower doors that need repair, get in touch with us. Perhaps, you have old, broken hinges. The rubbers of your doors could be looking yellow. Even worse, a glass panel on the shower door could be shattered. 

Our crew has the necessary expertise to install new doors and repair your existing ones. If your doors are damaged beyond repair, we can replace or upgrade them. We have a wide range of hardware for you to select what you want us to install from. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we will help you. 

Advantages of Frameless Shower Door Installation 

Glass shower doors have traditionally been built with the metal frame that ensures their secure attachment to the wall of a bathroom. Framed shower doors have always done their job properly. However, their fast deterioration due to their metal frame leads to corrosion. That’s because the metal frame is constantly exposed to humidity and moisture. 

Over time, the metal frame rusts. This causes a decline in the structural integrity of the framed doors. Eventually, the frame becomes too weak and incapable of supporting the glass panels’ weight. Once this happens, a framed shower door can easily crash and break into small pieces on the floor. Consequently, expensive repair of the sliding glass door or replacement can follow. Serious bodily injuries and property damage can also occur. 

Luckily, you can avoid this by installing a frameless shower door. This door does not use a metal frame to remain stable and strong. Consequently, it can’t be damaged by corrosion and rust. Apart from being durable, this door creates space illusion. That’s because it allows the natural light to enter the bathroom freely. This is very important for those with small bathrooms because the illusion makes it look bigger than it is. 

Frameless Door Installation Services 

Shower door installation is among the major services that Glass Dawg offers in San Antonio, Texas. Many people want to upgrade to this door when remodeling their bathrooms. Some don’t know whether to go for frameless or framed shower doors. Luckily, our crew has always provided professional recommendations. 

Frameless doors function better and look better. They also exhibit simplicity and modernism. This changes how people shower and the peaceful atmosphere that they enjoy in their bathing spaces. With the installation of frameless doors, you enjoy a quality shower without the feeling of being surrounded by concrete walls. 

Contact us if you want to install these doors in your home or to upgrade during a remodeling project. We can even recommend the most appropriate frameless doors for your bathroom. We install frameless bathroom doors that reflect the personality, style, and creativity of our clients. 

Your bathroom is among the places where you spend a lot of time after a long day at work. As such, you want it to provide a comforting and pleasing environment. Therefore, we discuss your needs with you to know your preferences, style, and needs. This enables us to select and install the most appropriate frameless bathroom door for you. 

Frameless Door Repair Services 

Perhaps, you have a frameless shower door that has developed cracks, chips, and other damages. At Glass Dawg, we have experts that can fix some of these issues. Our quality shower glass repair service has earned us a sterling reputation for exceeding the expectations that clients have for us. Once you hire us to repair your damaged shower door, we will bring it back to its original condition. 

We have invested in the right tools and equipment. Our technicians have also undergone rigorous training to enable them to repair these doors safely, effectively, and efficiently. Be confident that your damaged shower door will be in the right hands once you hire us to repair it. 

Our repair can include hardware and glass panel installation, replacement of shower seals, and stabilizer channels’ installation. We have all spare parts that may be required to repair your damaged frameless bathroom door. That means you don’t have to worry about missing any part at a local store. What’s more, we clean up your space after repairing the damaged frameless door. 

Contact Glass Dawg Now! 

Perhaps, you’re remodeling your bathroom and you want to upgrade to a frameless door for the shower. Maybe you have a damaged frameless door that needs repair. Don’t struggle to find somebody to do this job. Just contact Glass Dawg right away to schedule your consultation appointment or request a free estimate. 

Glass Dawg is the best frameless bathroom door contractor to hire for any repair, replacement, or installation job. We have the right materials, skills, experience, and tools. That means we will do any frameless door job efficiently and professionally. 

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