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Fix Windshield San Antonio

Fix Windshield San Antonio

Who are the best fix windshield San Antonio experts? You are likely to ask this question if you notice a chip or crack on your car windscreen. In some cases, you might even wonder whether it’s really necessary to fix your damaged windscreen. Generally, if your car windscreen has a crack that is 3 inches or larger, repair might not be the best option. Instead, schedule a windshield replacement with Glass Dawg.

Full windscreen replacement ensures the structural integrity of a vehicle when the windscreen has an extensive damage. Therefore, talk to our technicians to determine whether your windshield damage can be fixed or you should schedule full windshield replacement.

Size of the Crack

Although there are exceptions, if a chip is larger than three inches or if the windshield has several cracks that exceed three inches each, it should be replaced. Our technicians have been in the windshield repair and replacement industry for years. We know windshield problems that can be fixed and problems that necessitate windshield replacement. Schedule an appointment with our technicians anytime or bring your vehicle to our auto shop for extensive examination of the damage.


If cracks are located on the windshield edges, they necessitate full replacement of the windshield. That’s because cracks on the edges of a windshield tend to spread very fast. Similarly, cracks or chips that are in the direct vision line of the driver necessitate full windshield replacement. That’s because fixing such cracks leaves an outline in repair areas because they don’t cure clearly. This can interfere with the driver’s vision while driving and even cause an accident.

Time span

The longer cracks and chips are left untreated the higher the possibility of dirt building up in them thereby making their successful repair difficult. Thus, you may eventually have to replace your windshield if you don’t schedule its repair early.

Glass Dawg repairs windshields in different automobiles regardless of their makes, models, and brands. We also accept different auto insurances and credit cards. Call us now to hire the best fix windshield San Antonio service!