Double Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows

For superior double pane windows repair, installation and replacement, work with a reputable glass company in San Antonio. Double pane windows are also called Insulated Glass Units. These are windows with two glass panes with a separating gas or vacuum between them. When compare to single pane windows, double pane windows are more efficient. They reduce outside noise that may include street traffic and energy loss. These windows keep homes warm during winter and cool during summer. Thus, installation of double pane windows keeps a house comfortable throughout the year.

At Glass Dawg, we install double pane windows with the custom glass San Antonio residents admire for years. Although these windows cost more than single pane windows, they keep indoors comfortable most of the time. Single pane windows lack air pockets and they allow heat to pass through them with ease. The space between the panes of double pane windows makes a home better insulated. A moisture absorbent material known as desiccant holds the panes in their place.

Hire a Glass Company in San Antonio for Double Pane Windows Installation

There are many benefits of hiring experts to install double pane windows on your building. Even if you have single pane windows on your building, it’s reasonable to replace them with double pane windows.

Here are some of the reasons to have experts install double pane windows on your building:

  • To reduce energy bill in your home because these windows minimize energy consumption in a house.
  • To minimize carbon footprint.
  • To minimize noise pollution especially in urban areas.
  • To prevent entry of sun’s heat into your house.

The benefits of double pane windows vary depending on several factors including the number of the installed windows. If you have single pane windows on your building that you wish to replace, look no further.

Call us to have your double pane windows installed by a reputable San Antonio glass company.