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Cheap Windshield Replacement San Antonio

Cheap Windshield Replacement San Antonio

Glass Dawg offers cheap windshield replacement San Antonio service. If your vehicle has a seriously broken or cracked windshield, it’s advisable that you have it replaced. That’s because when a windshield has an extensive damage, it will impair your vision while driving. A damaged windshield will also provide less protection during an accident. What’s more, you can get a traffic ticket for driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield.

Thankfully, Glass Dawg can replace the damaged windshield of your vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket. But, if you are looking for the best ways to get the best deal on your windshield replacement, try the following tips.

Use Your Auto Insurance

Depending on your auto insurance coverage, you can save on windshield replacement significantly. In fact, it’s possible to have windshield replacement covered by your insurance completely. Therefore, check with your auto insurance provider to find out if your policy covers windshield replacement.

Know the Windshield Damage Severity

Whether you need full windshield replacement or repair will depend on the severity of the damage. It’s therefore important to know how severe the damage is. Also remember that the insurance provider will ask about the severity of the damage. Therefore, make sure that you know the extent of the damage to determine whether you need full windshield replacement or repair.

Negotiate Windshield Replacement Price

Take time to negotiate the price that the service provider offers. In fact, find out whether you can get a discount for windshield replacement. Most auto glass repair shops offer discounts at some times of the years. You may also get a discount if you don’t need urgent or immediate windshield replacement. What’s more, let the windshield replacement specialist know the deals that you are getting from other service providers.

At Glass Dawg, we offer the best auto windshield replacement at the most reasonable price. Call us anytime you need a cheap windshield replacement San Antonio service.