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Cheap Car Window Repair in San Antonio

When the window of your car shatters down, you want to schedule a cheap car window repair San Antonio appointment to have the problem fixed without burning a hole in your pocket. Glass Dawg offers the most affordable car window repairs without compromising quality. If the car window is damaged beyond repair, we can replace it. Our technicians remove the damaged car window without damaging the paintwork, interior, and the bonding surface of your vehicle. This is followed by the installation of a replacement glass while carefully adhering to professional standards. Rest assured that your car window will function the way it did when you bought your vehicle once you engage our car window repair or replacement service.

Car Window Repair Versus Replacement

A challenge that many people face when damage occurs to their car window is deciding whether to repair or replace the damaged car window. Typically, the extent of the damage determines whether a car window should be repaired or replaced. In some cases, a car window needs replacement. That’s because tempered glass is used to make most car windows. If tempered glass breaks down, it shatters into tiny pieces. This makes repairing most car windows difficult. Nevertheless, if this is not the case with your car window, we may repair it.Our car window repair covers the following:
  • Passenger windows
  • Sunroof
  • Back windshields
  • Moon roofs
  • Quarter glass
Our technicians will repair any of these car windows if they survive with a small chip or scratches. We provide a cheap car window repair that saves you money and time that you would invest in complete car window replacement. Our car window repair process entails the removal of the debris in the damaged area and the creation of a smooth pathway for resin repair. We inject repair resin, cure it with ultraviolet light, and polish the window to create a smooth, seamless finish.Call us now to engage our cheap car window repair San Antonio service!