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Car Windshield Replacement Cost San Antonio

Car Windshield Replacement Cost San Antonio

The windshield of your vehicle is made of safety glass that has been laminated. The purpose of this glass is to keep passengers and the driver inside the automobile in the event of a head-on collision. It also adds extra strength to the vehicle thereby preventing caving in of the roof in case of a roll over. Nevertheless, this glass can break or sustain an extensive damage that necessitates replacement. This is where car windshield replacement cost San Antonio estimates comes in. Basically, you want to know how much you will pay for windshield replacement before you call technicians or take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop.

Typical Car Windshield Replacement Costs

A front windshield will typically cost you between $10 and $150 to repair when cracked or chipped. Replacing a front windshield will cost you between $100 and $400. Nevertheless, this cost can rise up to range between $500 and $1500 for vehicles with rare windshields.

You can have the windshield replacement or repair job done by a mobile car windshield replacement service provider or take it to an auto glass shop. Some auto insurance policies cover car window replacement and repair in full. However, there are policies that feature a deductible charge that ranges between $100 and $300 for car windshield replacement.

Affordable Car Windshield Replacement

If your vehicle’s windshield is damaged, Glass Dawg will replace it at a reasonable fee. We know that your vehicle’s windshield can break down when least expected. That means you had not budgeted for it. Our goal is to ensure that you have it replaced hassle-free and as soon as possible.

Our experienced technicians will help you with the insurance paperwork to save you time. Simply get in touch with us with details of your vehicle, insurance, and time when you want us to do the job. Get your car windshield replacement cost San Antonio estimate depending on the make and model of your vehicle while booking an appointment.