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Car Windshield Glass Replacement

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You need immediate car windshield glass replacement to restore the structural integrity of your vehicle after collision damage this vital part. Most people don’t realize that the windshield is a critical vehicle safety device protecting the occupants from water, debris, and wind. However, it also reduces injuries during a crash. Also, the windshield can save a life during an accident.

During a collision, the windshield prevents objects from the outside from entering the vehicle. Also, this glass plays a vital role in airbag deployment. Additionally, it supports the car roof during a rollover, preventing it from collapsing.

When the windshield has extensive damage, it compromises the driver’s vision. Also, it doesn’t serve its protective purposes. For this reason, vehicle owners and drivers should repair or replace damaged windshield glass as quickly as possible.

At Glass Dawg, we have the best auto glass specialists to replace your windshield when extensively damaged. We use innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to install new, high-quality windshield glass on all vehicles. Even if you don’t know whether to replace or repair your faulty windshield glass, our experts will advise you. Contact or visit us for further consultation.

Quality Car Windshield Glass Replacement

Dawag Glass Auto
Dawag Glass Auto

At Glass Dawg, we use proper techniques and high-quality materials to replace car windshield glass. That way, we restore your car’s beautiful appearance and ensure its occupants’ safety. Ideally, you need qualified technicians to change your faulty windshield glass to achieve excellent results.

Our windshield glass replacement experts are highly trained, experienced, and certified professionals. They know the vital role of the windshield glass as a structural support component of your car. Therefore, they adhere to all manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations when installing new windshield glass.

We follow all professional standards to ensure that your car is secure, safe, and ready to protect its occupants during an accident. We install new windshields to exacting standards and inspect them thoroughly after the appointment. What’s more, we accept most insurance companies for all windshield replacements.

Careful Car Windshield Inspection and Replacement

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Our technicians want your vehicle to be clean and safe to drive after replacing the windshield. Therefore, they inspect the glass and clean the car after installing a new windshield glass. We use soft microfiber or cotton towels and non-ammonia cleaners to clean the glass. Our technicians will remove grime and dirt without leaving streaks behind.

Here’s what our technicians consider when inspecting the car windshield glass:

  • We assess the glass inside-out for cracks and chips. We check the windshield glass for bulls’ eyes or minor rock chips. Some of these issues are repairable, while significant damage necessitates windshield replacement.
  • We also check the windshield for micro-pits buildup on your car’s windshield as more airborne particles collide with the glass when driving at high speed. Such pits can reduce your vision when oncoming headlights illuminate them or the setting or rising sun. Windshield glass replacement is the best option for a windshield with such holes.
  • We inspect the glass edges for damage around the bodywork. If the windshield glass has damage affecting the seal to the body, it may weaken the car’s structural integrity. Our technicians will determine whether to repair or replace the windshield glass based on their assessment.
  • Our technicians will ensure that the rubber wiper blades on the windshield are pliable and soft to clear water from the windshield glass in one swipe. If the edges are brittle, they can break, leaving the metal arm to scratch your car’s windshield glass.

We’re a professional team that will replace your car windshield to ensure its structural integrity. Our technicians will assess the damage keenly to determine whether to repair or replace the windshield glass and advise you accordingly.

Let Experts Replace Your Car Windshield Glass Now!

If the windshield has non-repairable cracks or chips, our technicians will recommend and provide a replacement service. That way, you can drive your car comfortably, knowing it’s safe. Our specialists can source and fit a new, high-quality windshield on your vehicle regardless of its make, brand, model, or year.

Here’s out car windshield replacement process: 

  • Our technicians will carefully and correctly assess your car’s windshield damage.
  • Upon ascertaining that your car needs a windshield replacement, they will remove the faulty glass and clean up the remaining debris.
  • Our technicians will install a new windshield glass using the correct procedures and tools.  
  • Our quality assurance experts will inspect your car to ensure that the technicians fit the new windshield glass correctly and that your vehicle is safe to drive.

We have replaced faulty windshield glass in many cars over the years. Our technicians follow all industry standards and safety regulations when replacing car windshields. What’s more, we use the windshields that car manufacturers have approved. So, don’t settle for low-quality windshield replacement services. Instead, contact us for quality and safe car windshield glass replacement!

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