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Car Glass Repair Cost San Antonio

Car Glass Repair Cost San Antonio

A cracked or chipped auto glass won’t repair itself. But, postponing its fixing due to car glass repair cost San Antonio estimates won’t help. In fact, you will end up spending more on car glass replacement when you let the crack or chip spread out. At Glass Dawg, we want you to have the best experience anytime your vehicle needs car glass repair.

We offer you the most reasonably priced car glass repair service. Generally, there are several factors that will influence the cost of repairing a car glass. For instance, size of the chip or crack and its location on the vehicle as well as the type of your car will determine the cost of repair.

Generally, car glass repair cost varies depending on the company that you choose for the service. Nevertheless, auto glass repair ranges between $70 and $115. However, this price can go up to $238 depending on the make or model of your vehicle.


In some cases, auto insurance covers car glass repair completely. However, it’s crucial that you check with your insurance provider to know whether the car glass damage is covered by your auto insurance policy.

Also bear in mind the fact that insurance deductible can be $250 or $500. If the repair costs less than this, it might be wise to pay for car glass repair out of pocket. At Glass Dawg, we have experienced technicians that will help you do the math to make a more informed decision. We can also help you with insurance paperwork when you decide to use insurance to pay for car glass repair.

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The cost of car glass repair should not be a reason to drive a vehicle with a faulty glass and endanger yourself and your passengers. Glass Dawg offers the most affordable car glass repair service in San Antonio.

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