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Car Glass Price San Antonio

Car Glass Price San Antonio

Car glass price San Antonio estimates vary significantly depending on several factors. If your vehicle has damaged glass, you definitely want to know the amount it will cost you to replace it. In some cases, you may notice that your friend or family member received a lower or higher quote than you. This may prompt you to wonder why auto glass price varies. At Glass Dawg, we offer you the best price for your car glass. Nevertheless, there are factors that will influence the cost of your car glass.

Model and Make of Your Vehicle

This is among the major factors that cause variation in car glass prices. Different models and makes of vehicles use different glass types. They also have glass with different sizes and shapes. Older car models and makes tend to cost more to replace glass. That’s because their glass is not easy to find. Therefore, bear this factor in mind when shopping for car glass.

Special Features

If there are features that are connected to your car glass, you will most likely pay more for its replacement. Automatic wipers for instance are connected via the windshield. That means replacement of the car glass entails redoing the wiring for this feature. This increases the cost of car glass replacement. Car glass can also come with special tinting to enhance digital displays. This can also increase car glass price. If your vehicle needs these features, you will pay more for car glass.


If you use insurance, you might pay the deductible only. But, you may realize that you may have paid a lesser amount by obtaining an estimate and paying for car glass out of pocket.

At Glass Dawg, we offer the best car glass prices. Our goal is to make your vehicle safe for driving by installing the right glass for you professionally. Call us now to get the best car glass price San Antonio estimate!