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Car Front Glass Repair San Antonio

Car Front Glass Repair San Antonio

At Glass Dawg, we think about car front glass repair before we consider replacement. Actually, glass replacement is our last option after we have ascertained that repair will put the safety of the driver and passengers at risk. If your vehicle has sustained minor glass damage, schedule car front glass repair San Antonio appointment with us. Our team will be glad to repair a crack or chip on the front glass of your vehicle.

We believe that front glass repair should be done as soon as possible. Your car front glass should be repaired immediately to prevent the damage from spreading further to an extent where it can’t be repaired. Essentially, repairing a damaged car front glass early prevents the need for its replacement. Therefore, no matter how small car front glass damage seems, make sure that corrective measures are taken immediately.

Extensive Car Front Glass Repair San Antonio Solutions

We offer a wide range of car front glass repairs. Our team comprises of highly trained and experienced technicians with the right tools to handle all auto glass repairs.

Some of the car front glass repairs that we do include:

  • Star break repair- Star break features cracks of different widths and lengths radiating from the contact point.
  • Bull’s eye- This features a core that is separated in outer glass and a circular break whose center has a pit.
  • Half moon- This damage shows a separation of a half circle around the impact point.
  • Clover leaf- Clover leaf crack has an under-layer separation.
  • Combination break- Just like its name suggests a combination break involves different types of cracks.
  • Bee’s wing- This is the same as a star break.

Generally, repairing a car front glass is better than replacing it for numerous reasons. For instance, front car glass repair is more convenient than replacement. The process of repairing a car front glass can take minutes. Cost is another reason to opt for repair. Car front glass repair is cheaper and it goes towards No Claim Bonus saving. Additionally, it is safer because the glass is not removed. That means you maintain the original seal when you have the glass repaired.

Glass Dawg is a team of experts that have been repairing car front glass for years. We repair front glasses of different makes, models, and brands of vehicles. Call us now to schedule car front glass repair San Antonio appointment.