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Boost the Look and Feel of Your Home with Frameless Shower Enclosures


Installing frameless shower enclosures is one of the best ways to give your bathroom an exceptional finishing. When installed properly, these enclosures give a bathroom an awesome appearance. It’s, therefore, not surprising that these fixtures are becoming increasingly popular in high-end hotels and modern homes. 

At Glass Dawg, we supply and install amazing enclosures in both residential and commercial properties. Our shower enclosures play a significant role when it comes to setting the tones of the rooms where they are installed. You can use a shower curtain to add color to a bathroom. However, opting for these shower enclosures can boost the aesthetic appeal of your shower and decrease the leaking risk. 

When you hire us to install these enclosures, you eliminate lines between the bathroom and the shower. This brightens your room while giving it a more spacious feel. What’s more, our enclosures will give your bathroom an awesome, designer edge. They are crisp and modern. And with our vast selection of enclosures, you will always find a perfect addition to your bathroom. 

Therefore, don’t settle for a simple and plain bathroom. Install our enclosures to maintain an airy, light, and open feel in your bathroom. 

Create a Classic and High-end Appearance with Frameless Shower Enclosures 

We install shower enclosures that bring a classic, high-end appearance in bathrooms. You know what a luxurious high-end bathroom or spa looks and feels like. That’s the appearance that our enclosures will give your home bathroom. We install impressive enclosures that change the home design and make your bathroom a relaxing getaway. 

When you hire us to install your enclosures, you get a place where you can comfortably relax and enjoy after work. Our enclosures will give your bathroom the look that you have always enjoyed in high-end hotels. 

Modern Enclosures that Enhance Your Home Design 

Do you want to lessen some of the elements in your bathroom? Maybe you have a bulky and outdated framed door that devalues your tile work’s visual aspect of your shower area and the bathroom. In that case, our frameless enclosures can provide an unobstructed and clear view. This will enhance the major design elements in your bathroom. 

What’s more, our enclosures come with a durable design. That’s because they do not use the typical hardware that’s common in glass doors for bathrooms. These enclosures are some of the most structurally sound objects that you can have in your home. The glass that these enclosures are made of is thick and strong. That means your enclosures will serve you better without the frequent need for repairs or replacement. 

Different Options to Choose From 

Most shower enclosures share certain characteristics. However, our enclosures come with many design options. In addition to operating differently, these enclosures can also be custom-designed around the shape and size of a shower. 

For instance, frameless doors can use simple hinges to open and close. However, our frameless enclosures do not feature traditional doors. As such, they can remain open when the bathroom is being used. What’s more, these fixtures occupy limited space in comparison to framed doors. You also get many options when it comes to selecting your showerhead, knobs, and other accessories. 

Beautiful Enclosures with a Safe Design  

Glass Dawg installs beautiful enclosures that look fantastic. We bring you modern and beautiful enclosures with a safe design. In addition to their durability, the configuration of these enclosures enhances the safety of a bathroom. This is a very important aspect, especially if you have kids. Most homeowners hesitate to install glass enclosures because they fear the injury risk that they pose, especially if they break and the home has kids. 

We install frameless enclosures with thick glass. This glass is resistant even to strong blows. Treatment of their edges eliminates cuts and scrapes risk. The precision that’s employed in the manufacture of our frameless enclosures means that you can use these doors in any bathroom. Even if you have children or a person with a mobile device, you can safely use our enclosures in your home. 

Shower Enclosures that are Easy to Maintain 

If looking for a fixture that you can maintain without any hassles, our frameless enclosures are the best option for you. Since these enclosures are made of glass, they do not pose the risk of organic growth. This makes them better than shower curtains. What’s more, they are ideal for use in humid and wet conditions. 

In addition to eliminating the risk of organic growth, these enclosures do not come with a metal frame. This reduces the amount of soap scum and lime-scale that can be collected by the shower enclosure. The functionality and beauty of your enclosure will also not be affected by the development of any corrosion. And, cleaning the glass enclosure is also easy. 

Higher Return on Investment 

The installation of our shower enclosures comes with a higher return on investment. This makes them the best option for anybody that plans to sell a home. If you’re remodeling a home that has a traditional bathroom, installing our enclosures is a great way to ensure that it sells faster and at a good price. 

Most homebuyers look for luxurious designs and finishing in bathrooms. Installing our enclosures is an investment that will give you higher returns when selling the house. 

Let Experts Install Your Shower Enclosures 

Dent Dawg has the best experts to install frameless enclosures in your house. Even if you’re unsure about the best frameless enclosures to install on your property, we can help you. 

Contact us now to schedule a consultation appointment or the installation of your frameless shower enclosures!