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Auto Windshield Repair San Antonio

Generally, you need an auto windshield repair San Antonio service if your vehicle has a crack or a chip. However, this is dependent on numerous factors as discussed below.

Depth and Size

At Glass Dawg, we can repair a chip that is about 1 inch in diameter or a crack that is about 3 inches long. Cracks that are larger than this are traditionally not repairable. Essentially, the size of the crack or chip on the windshield of your vehicle is an important factor that influences whether you should have a chip or a crack repaired.

Nevertheless, new technologies make repairing longer cracks and wider chips repairable. Therefore, to determine whether the chip or crack on the windshield of your vehicle can be repaired, get in touch with us.


There are numerous types of windshield cracks. Some of them are easier to repair than others. For instance, Star Break, which is a radial crack that comes off the point of impact, is easy to repair. Other windshield cracks that are easy to repair include Partial Bulls-Eye, Bulls-Eye, Crack Chip, Din, and Pit. Multiple cracks may not be easy to repair. Therefore, talk to our technicians at Glass Dawg to find out whether the crack on your auto windshield can be repaired.


Even some good windshield repairs leave mistiness, unevenness, or discoloration. And, if the crack or chip is in the line of the driver’s sight, visibility and clarity are affected. As such, our technicians consider the location of the windshield damage and the height of the potential drivers. That’s because the sight line of every driver varies depending on their height.

If a crack is near or on the edge of the windshield or a chip that is near or at the edge and it has caused cracking of the windshield attenuates the integrity and strength of the windshield. If it bonds the metal frame that surrounds the windshield, it compromises the safety of passengers. Nevertheless, our technicians inspect the damage and provide appropriate repair or recommendation.

If unsure whether to schedule auto windshield repair San Antonio appointment or not, get in touch with us to get professional assistance.