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Auto Mirror Glass San Antonio

Auto Mirror Glass San Antonio

The side view and rear view mirrors on a car play an important role of ensuring safe driving. They act as additional eyes to help you get a better visibility of the roads while on the wheel. While it may be tempting to drive around with chipped, cracked or broken mirrors, it significantly increases the risks of having accidents. Glass Dawg offers quality auto mirror glass San Antonio car owners have always relied on for road safety and easy driving.

Although some people think that fixing auto mirrors is a simple task, it requires a keen eye, trained set of hands, experience and special tools that only experts possess. Here are the basics of any auto mirror glass job that car owners should be enlightened on.


There are several things that can damage auto mirrors. The damage can result from loose car body parts like bolts and nuts. If these are not fixed when replacing the mirrors, you are likely to encounter a recurrent damage. To provide effective solutions to the problems of auto mirror glass San Antonio residents often face, auto experts start with thorough inspections. Preliminary inspections also enable the expert to determine the best repair approaches.

Safe Removal of Broken Glass

After inspection, the auto experts clear the loose pieces of glass safely. This is followed by cleaning the areas that need repair with a glass cleaner. Cleaning may also include vacuuming to properly remove any materials that could cause damage to the new mirrors.

Repair and Replacement

Depending on the severity of the damage and your needs, auto experts can either perform repair or replacement. Small cracks and chipping can be fixed by attaching new glass to the damaged areas using adhesives. If the mirrors are damaged badly to an extent where they can no longer serve their purpose, the best solution is to replace them.

At Glass Dawg, we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver highly professional, fast and reliable auto mirror glass San Antonio residents have always trusted. Our auto mirror solutions are offered by highly trained and experienced technicians. Our auto experts are readily available to provide the best service that will truly exceed your expectations.