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If your vehicle has a damaged auto glass, you might ask, where do I get the best auto glass replacement near me? Generally, windshield damage is not fun. That’s particularly the case when you don’t have time and money to spend on its replacement. But, some people don’t know how to decide whether to replace or repair damaged auto glass. Here are hints to guide you.

Scratched Auto Glass

If your auto glass has scratches, it’s not a must that you replace it. It can be repaired by experts safely. However, if scratches are extensive and obstructing your vision while driving it’s wise to consider auto glass replacement. At Glass Dawg, our experienced technicians will inspect your scratched windshield carefully to determine whether the windshield can be repaired. If not, we will replace the damaged auto glass safely and professionally.

Chipped Glass

Not every chip necessitates auto glass replacement. But, just like scratches, you should have the auto glass inspected by experienced professionals. If your vehicle has an auto glass with a large crack, replacement might be the only option. Nevertheless, small cracks are repairable especially when not located on the vision line of the driver. It’s however important to note that even small chips become bigger if they are not repaired early.

Cracked Auto Glass

Cracked auto glass is very dangerous. If you notice a crack on the windshield of your vehicle, have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. That’s particularly so if it obstructs your vision while driving. A crack can also make the entire glass weak and cause its shattering.

Shattered Auto Glass

If your vehicle has a shattered auto glass, get it replaced immediately. In fact, never drive a vehicle with shattered glass because even the roof can collapse while driving. So, if the windshield of your vehicle has just shattered, call us immediately.

Generally, these are some of the reasons to schedule an auto glass replacement appointment. So, are you are asking, where do I get the best auto glass replacement near me? If yes, call Glass Dawg right away.