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Auto Glass Replacement Cost San Antonio

Auto Glass Replacement Cost San Antonio

You will most probably think about auto glass replacement cost San Antonio estimates when the glass of your vehicle gets damaged. When a crack, chip or further damage occurs, it’s important that you avoid putting off auto glass replacement or repair just because of its cost. Nevertheless, it’s important to know the amount it will cost you before you decide whether to repair or replace the damaged auto glass.

Auto glass repair can be done without or with insurance claim. At Glass Dawg, we repair quarter-sized rock cracks and chips of up to 3 inches long. If the damage is larger than this, we recommend auto glass replacement. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most affordable solution to your auto glass problem.

Paying for Auto Glass Replacement with Insurance

Most auto insurance companies cover auto glass replacement, especially the windshield. However, there are costs that you may have to pay like deductibles. The total out of pocket amount that you pay will vary depending on factors like extent of the damage, location of the damage, and your vehicle type. You will pay the outstanding fee that your auto insurance won’t cover. You can also have an auto insurance coverage but deductible may be low that the coverage. If the auto glass replacement cost is more than the deductible, you will be responsible for applicable deductible.

Paying for Auto Glass Replacement on Your Own

If you decide that you won’t file a claim with the auto insurance provider or if you do not have a comprehensive auto insurance cover, you will pay the total cost of auto glass replacement. This cost will vary depending on the damage size. Nevertheless, the best way to know the exact amount you will spend on auto glass replacement is to get a quote from Glass Dawg. Just give us a call and our customer care representative will give you a free estimate.

If your vehicle needs auto glass replacement, bring it to our shop or call us to engage our mobile auto glass service. We have highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians with the necessary tools and equipment to handle any auto glass replacement job. We replace damaged auto glass in all types of vehicles regardless of their makes or models. We ensure that every auto glass replacement job leaves a vehicle looking the way it did when bought.

Call us now to get a free auto glass replacement cost San Antonio estimate!