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Auto Glass Prices San Antonio

Auto Glass Prices San Antonio

If you have a damaged auto glass, you definitely want to know auto glass prices San Antonio estimates. Basically, auto glass prices are not fixed. They vary depending on several factors including the damaged auto glass that needs replacement. The severity of the damage in the area where the glass is fitted and the vehicle type also affect auto glass prices.

Additionally, the chosen type of auto glass influences the price too. In some cases, auto glass replacement costs hundreds of dollars. That’s why some people prefer to have their damaged auto glass repaired rather than replaced. Generally, repairs are more beneficial than replacements when it comes to cost, life span and time.

Average Price of Auto Glass

On average, auto glass costs between $20 and $325. Nevertheless, this price range varies depending on the chosen glass type, vehicle type, and the service provider. However, the average cost of auto glass repair is generally less than that of replacement.

Front Auto Glass Cost

The cost of replacing the front windshield is more than the cost of replacing the back windshield. On average, you will spend about $300 to replace the rear or front windshield. However, if the windshield has a small crack, you can have it repaired rather than replaced. Remember that replacing a damaged windshield comes with additional expenses. For instance, your vehicle may have special moldings that may be required to match in terms of the structural design. That means the repair cost might be higher by up to 20%.

Back Auto Glass Cost

The cost of replacing the back windshield varies between $100 and hundreds of dollars. Just like the front auto glass, the cost of replacing the back auto glass is influenced by factors like vehicle type, chosen auto glass type, and additional expenses.

Generally, auto glass prices are influenced by numerous factors including the involved labor work, products like primer and adhesive as well as the disposal fee. Call us now to get a more accurate auto glass prices San Antonio estimate.